Access Reliable & Efficient Transportation

Reduce the percentage of households spending more than 15% of their income on transportation costs.

To continue growing our economy, increase economic mobility for Greenville residents, and build sustainable infrastructure, our community must increase investment in transit options, which provide our neighbors with a connection to education, jobs, family, and a brighter future. Greenville’s public transportation system has not kept up with our recent growth, and local investment is only a fraction of what comparable cities are investing. This has led to routes that are not as connected to job centers as they should be, and subject their riders to long wait times.

We’re working with our community to strengthen pathways that:

  • Advocate for policies, practices, and resources that support and expand ridership on public transportation.
  • Promote and support solutions to alternative forms of transportation (ride-sharing, bicycling, walking, etc.).

To learn more contact Tamela Spann at [email protected].

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