Attain a Post-Secondary Credential

Increase the percentage of people who earn a post-secondary credential.

We know a post-secondary credential leads to higher earnings, and two-thirds of high-demand careers in the future will require one. More than half of people ages 24-65 in Greenville County lack a bachelor’s degree, two-year degree, or high-quality certificate. Black and Hispanic/Latinx people are less than half as likely to have a credential of any kind.

We’re working with our community to strengthen pathways that:

  • Advocate for policies and resources that support youth and returning adults transitioning into post-secondary institutions.
  • Increase opportunities for paid work-based learning experiences, such as internships and apprenticeships.
  • Align institutional resources and community-based support to help students stay in and complete a post-secondary education.

To learn more contact Tomeika Bennett at [email protected].

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